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话说这次是和lynette合买的,主要是lynette买,我参点股。春节前付的钱,结果春节假期后好几天都还没收到,lynette发警告给卖家,卖家解释说,因为out of stock了一段时间,所以前两天才寄出。——out of stock啊,我当堂笑翻~

非常兴奋里面有Nationalsang,据说这首Anthem的原形从来没有发行过,ABBA只在一个电视节目里演过。When The Waves Roll Out To Sea,好像和If The Stars Are In The Sky是一样的吧,其实蛮好听的,要是当时加进剧子里也是不错的。我觉得这个旋律老熟老熟的,但是想不起在哪听过。后面好几段能听到他们唱的中途停下来叽哩呱啦地讨论怎样唱。总体音质,对于bootleg我是媳妇熬成婆了,觉得已经很不错了。


3 thoughts on “Chess Demo

  1. sanda says:

    Since when this happened????

    08 Feb 06 – Early Kristina Translations

    As many people are aware, two public performances of Kristina från Duvemåla songs have been made in English. One, the English version of ‘Guldet Blev Till Sand’ (Gold Can Turn To Sand) was performed by Tommy Körberg as part of the B&B Concerts in China and also South Africa and the other one was Hemma (Home) performed by Helen Sjöholm as part of the Benny Andersson Concert in Glasgow in October 2001. I thought it would be fun to compare what must be regarded as early English versions of these songs with what may soon come along!

    It is not known for sure who to credit with writing the English lyrics but I believe it to be Björn alone at the time the song was performed. In a conversation I was lucky enough to have with him in April 1999, he only admitted to translating the show himself. At the point of the Chinese concerts (March 1999), I don’t think that Herbert Kretzmer was yet onboard.

    Gold Can Turn To Sand*
    (Music: Benny Andersson/Lyrics: Björn Ulvaeus)

    When I left
    I was leaving with my brother
    Him and me
    We were one to one another
    We were young
    It was springtime
    And our dreams of gold were grand
    But Kristina…
    Gold can turn to sand.

    Sick and tired of the trail
    He started praying
    Take me back
    But he never saw me swaying
    Though I doubt him, how fortunate
    In that God-forsaken land
    Oh Kristina…
    Gold can turn to sand.

    He would share in my dreams
    The flaws in my schemes, he could never see
    I was all that he had
    And I was glad for his company

    We got lost
    We were foolish and unwary
    In the desert
    Then along the endless prairie
    Just how thirsty and desperate
    You could never understand
    Oh Kristina…
    Gold can turn to sand.

    I seduced him along
    I taught him the song of the ocean wave
    He who shared in my quest
    Now laid to rest in the windswept grave

    From a well that was poisoned
    He drank water
    And he went to his death
    A lamb to slaughter
    As his eyes slowly faded
    The old watch fell from his hand
    Oh Kristina…
    Gold can turn to sand
    Oh Kristina…
    Gold can turn to sand.

    (Music: Benny Andersson/Lyrics: Björn Ulvaeus/Herbert Kretzmer)


  2. George Greene says:

    I think Kretzmer may have had a go at this eventually. In the version released by Josh Groban in Apr.2015 (as a bonus track from his album, Stages), the English lyrics are somewhat cleaned up from these. “Seduced”? Please! And North American geography being what it is, heading from Minnesota to California, one encounters First the prairie, Then the desert.


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