整个上午在office刷sina的网页看结果,午饭过后看到最后的结果,有点失望,很是不平。谁拿都好,Crash凭什么拿最佳,除掉小众的Brokeback Mountain,Capote和Good night and good luck哪个不比Crash要大气。


3 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. sanda says:

    sigh,you missed beautiful women and hot men and dazzling gowns and funny and not funny jokes. Oscar is American’s ChunJieLianHuanWanHui. Why take everything so serious?

    I stopped caring about which one win which long ago. My choice for last year’s best movie is 40-year-old virgin. BBM is the only movie I saw of the 5 nominee. I saw it with XiaoTu in New York because we had nothing else to do and it was cold outside. That movie is sad and boring, not my taste. We decided to watch “Match Point” to make our money back.


  2. yajun says:



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